A Full List of Holiday Wishes

Holiday music has been reverberating throughout retail stores for weeks. Television commercials light up rooms with holiday gift ideas – children’s toys, clothing, jewelry, home décor, even cars. We thought we’d ask the classic boating community what’s on their holiday wish list.

Carla Gernhofer, Vice President of Hagerty Classic Marine, would love to have more opportunities to “stop and smell the roses” and use those moments to spend quality time with clients/friends outside of work-related events.

Paul Harrison, Vice President of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, wants one thing – one very important thing: He would like his Scripps engine to run properly!

Thomas Holmes, President of the Century Boat Club, wants the sunshine to come back so he can spend time boating and wearing his favorite simulated-wood grain Century Boat Club sunglasses.

Brian Gagnon, President of the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS), takes advantage of the colder weather to catch up on reading. So he would love the new book “Power to Burn: The Tom Mittler Collection” by Louis E. Mark, and a complete set of Bob Speltz’s “Real Runabouts” books – “the Bible of Chris-Craft boats.” And what boater wouldn’t appreciate a gift certificate for boat maintenance or supplies? “It would be nice to not have to spend the extra money when preparing the boat for another season in the spring,” he said.

Peter Stephens, Executive Director of ACBS, wishes to finally finish restoring his Chris-Craft and share the smell of a freshly varnished boat with friends while cruising on the lake!

Kathy Rhodes, President of ACBS Toronto, reached out to the directors of the club and found some very useful items on their wish lists: Cleaning and polishing service for a year, bow and stern thrusters with remote option, bilge cleaning service, straw boater hat (to add that special touch at boat shows), perfect boating weather, and a 2015 membership to ACBS-Toronto.

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