Four easy steps to prep your car for winter storage

Old Man Winter is knocking at the door, and it’s time to button up our track toys, show cars and weekend cruisers. Here are five essential steps from Griot’s Garage:

  1. Protect your engine. Old oil in the system can cause mild corrosion if left sitting, so change your oil. A Multi-Fluid Extractor makes the job easy.
  2. Protect your fuel system. Fuel left stagnant for longer than two months starts oxidizing, leading to varnish and clogging. Fuel Preservative prevents oxidation.
  3. Protect your battery. Any car, especially newer models with sensitive electronics, will benefit from a fully charged battery. A quality Battery Manager does the trick.
  4. Protect against moisture. Leave a Storage Desiccant Bag inside your car to help prevent corrosion and mildew.
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