Watch this 56-mile Buick Grand National get a much-needed pampering

Ammo NYC Buick Grand National

The payoff at the end of a big transformation is a big part of why people enjoy our Redline Rebuilds so much. From a detailing perspective few understand this phenomenon more intimately than Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC, who recently got his hands on a 56-mile Buick Grand National project suffering from serious aesthetic neglect.

We’re no strangers to Kosilla’s body of work, having enlisted him to teach us how to properly freshen up our own 1950s Chevrolet pickup.

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Kosilla meets up with Eddie (the new owner) and together they toss open a garage door at the end of an impossibly narrow driveway (even by NYC standards). Eddie shares a little about the sale, including the confounding (yet recurring) scenario in which the original owners drove it home from the dealer brand-new, parked it, and then never touched it again.

The cosmetic damage is ultimately tame in the grand scheme of what Ammo deals with, but Kosilla nevertheless gets to work. Under some light, every mark, swirl, and scuff is noted. Rodents didn’t exact the damage you might suspect, supposedly thanks to a dog that lived in the building where the Buick was stored. Also thanks to Fido, however, is the harshest bit of damage on the car: an expanse of vertical claw scratches running down the passenger’s side door panel. After a quick wash and Kosilla’s choice corrections, he has the Grand National sparkling like new again.

We ought to applaud Eddie’s pursuit in finding and reviving such a stunning example of iconic ’80s car culture. It’s not the first double-digit-mile Grand National we’ve heard of, nor will it likely be the last, but we’re thrilled this story has a happy ending.

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