The Old Car Manual Project

The Old Car Manual Project began in 2000 and since then, it’s grown – in popularity and in size. For those who can’t find an owner’s manual, brochure, service manuals and so forth, you might want to give this site a try. As well, it also hosts which you can get to by going to the main site at

The thing with this site is that they rely on the public for much of the content. Documents are available free to download. There isn’t a complete list of vintage vehicles, but there are more than just a few from the teens to the 1970s. For those of you who have tried working on your own cars, you will appreciate the many “missing” parts and technical documents and manuals on the site.

They are also selling DVDs now. Sixty from Sixty includes archival footage of cars from the early ‘60s, they put together a look at automotive history in DVD format, playable in your home DVD player or computer DVD-ROM. The disk was assembled from over an hour of factory promotional films, vintage TV ads and other classic footage.

Thrill Driving is comprised of three short films that were produced by General Motors in 1955 and ’56, as well as varied film ads for Chevys and a bonus trailer. Money raised from selling the DVDs goes to keeping the website hosted and available to the public.

Check out what they have at And by all means, share your owner’s manual for others you have the same make/model vehicle as you do. This is a nonprofit site, so the more they offer, the better documentation collector vehicle owners will have.

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