Griot’s Car Care Tip: Preventing Swirl Marks With Proper Drying

The biggest mistake you can make when drying a vehicle is applying too much pressure to the  towel. This drives any remaining dirt into your paint, causing micro scratches (and maybe some not-so-micro scratches).

For stubborn grime, follow up your wash cycle with a speed detailer or spray-on car wash. These products feature excellent lubricity to lift dirty residue off your paint where it can be whisked away safely with a high quality micro fiber towel. For really stubborn grit like bug jerky, bird bombs, or tree sap, consider “pre-treating” before the wash with a high-powered bug and smudge remover. Coupled with a micro fiber mitt that has a textured surface, these spray-on liquids break through the tough stuff so your car wash soap can work more efficiently.

Remember, the bottom line is that the drying process is for removing water. Don’t be tempted to apply extra towel pressure to remove leftover dirty spots, and you’ll enjoy a scratch and swirl-free finish.

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