Surface prep mitts, your fast track to pristine paint

Failing to address tough, embedded contaminants dooms your paint to a dull and gloomy future. Fight the funk! Impurities like pollen fallout, tree sap, water spots, bug jerky and road grime, wreak havoc on your paint finish because they can build up and create a layer of deposits that defy normal washing. These entrenched deposits must be removed because polishing your paint will only grind them further into your finish, causing swirl marks and blemishes. Wax does not adhere well to contaminated paint and waxing over the deposits only protects them, and makes achieving paint perfection all the more difficult.

Traditionally, claying is performed with a bar that typically measures 3″ x 3″ but Griot’s Garage has a better way to clay. Griot’s Garage Surface Prep Mitts are bigger, their unique diamond patterned polymer surface measures 5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ which is seven times larger than a clay bar, so you can cover more ground faster. Further, the polymer matrix lasts 10 times longer than a clay bar, enough for detailing 70 to 100 cars.

Once you’ve completed the claying process draw your finger across your paint again and feel what clean truly means as the paint will be amazingly smooth. Now you are ready to polish or wax.

Video Car Care Tip: See How Surface Prep Mitts Smooth Your Paint

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