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Speedway Motors original storefront
“Speedy” Bill Smith (shown standing) started Speedway Motors more than 70 years ago because of his love for racing and cars. Speedway Motors

In the world of automotive part retailers, there is a company that is made up of knowledgeable enthusiasts that love cars as much as you. Speedway Motors stands out compared to other auto part retailers for three reasons: they have been family owned for 70 years, their website has a huge database of articles and videos where they share their automotive knowledge, and they love cars and motorsports so much they even they have their own Museum of American Speed. Sounds like our kind of people!

Speedway Motors is the go-to shop for high-quality automotive parts and racing products. They are not only a retailer, but since 1952 they have also been a manufacturer and distributor of all things automotive. Founded by “Speedy” Bill and Joyce Smith, Speedway Motors prides itself on having the parts you need in stock and providing fast, hassle-free shipping.

Actual Car Experts Waiting to Help You

Speedway Motors truck
Speedway Motors’ 1952 Chevy Truck built with a Speedway Motors full chassis kit and many other products. Speedway Motors

Bill Smith was a racer in the 1940s and 50s who was known to be good at helping other drivers find the parts they needed. In order to fund his racing, Smith decided to start a small parts shop in Lincoln, Neb. to assist other likeminded people in what is now recognized as the ‘Oldest Speed Shop in America’. When he couldn’t find the right high-quality parts, he made them himself. Bill knew if parts were reliable enough to be sold in his store, because he tested them on his own racecars first. Bill built everything from NASCARS to dragsters, hot rods to Bonneville Salt Flats recordholders.

Speedway Motors original storefront interior
A family-owned speed shop from the start, “Speedy” Bill Smith and his wife Joyce operated the retail counter in their first location in Lincoln, Nebraska. Speedway Motors

A combination of passion, tenacity, and innovation allowed Smith to grow a small 20×20 storefront into a flourishing mail-order business and hugely successful manufacturing company. With 70 years in business, Speedway Motors has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the performance aftermarket industry. Speedway Motors isn’t just about racing though. They will also help you soup up your street-legal ride or dress up your show car.

Speedway motors packaging
Speedway Motors newly expanded state-of-the-art machine shop to deliver more high-quality products. Speedway Motors

Now run by three of Bill’s sons, they have over 500 gearheads working there, many of which you can reach for advice by calling 800-979-0122 from 8am-5pm central Monday-Friday or by emailing sales@speedwaymotors.com. You can even check out employee rides and project cars they are working on, showing they really practice what they preach.

Speedway motors welding
Speedway Motors

Speedway Motors has a 520,000 sq. ft. campus, technologically advanced call center, three distribution centers (so each part of the country can receive quicker shipping), and two retail stores. But it’s their entire manufacturing and research and development centers where they design and engineer their own parts that clearly puts them at the top of the performance automotive community.

The auto experts at Speedway Motors actually build cars right there to test the parts on. It helps them identify a need, do the research, manufacture, test, and then finally put it on their shelf. Something other performance parts retailers can’t compare to.

warehouse at Speedway Motors
Long before they were a partner with Hagerty, your author used Speedway Motors to purchase everything from a racing helmet to air intakes for my cars. Their great prices and fast shipping have kept me coming back. Speedway Motors

Looking to increase your automotive knowledge?

Check out Speedway Motors’ Toolbox to see hundreds of how-to articles and videos. These are experts sharing tech tips and advice about your project or race car setup in one easy-to-reference place. A great example is their extensive 1968 C10 build. Using videos and articles the team takes you along as they pull a truck from a snowdrift and try to turn it into a nice daily driver.

Man works on suspension at Speedway Motors
1968 Chevy C10 build featuring a complete Speedway Motors front and rear suspension kit, and other newly developed products. Speedway Motors

There is also a podcast, a video series showing various car builds, and numerous buyer’s guides covering everything from flex plates to rivets. Speedway Motors believes in telling car stories of their customers as well. They want to hear about your accomplishments and what you’re working in order to inspire others to pursue their passions. Use this link to share about what you’re working on or just a favorite car memory.

Sale taking place at Speedway Motors
The retail counter at our headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska is one of two retail store locations. Speedway Motors

A Museum Dedicated to Speed

Hot rod at Museum of American Speed
Ernie Szelesi’s 1933 Ford “Goldbrick” roadster on display at the Museum of American Speed. Speedway Motors

A desire to preserve racing history led Speedway Motors founders Bill and Joyce Smith and their sons to establish the Museum of American Speed in 1992 and continue to be a proud supporter. The museum is dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and displaying physical items significant in racing and automotive history.

Unique vehicles at the Museum of American Speed
The Museum of American Speed has an impressive collection of pedal cars. Speedway Motors

During his motorsports career Bill noticed people would often just throw away old racing parts. Having a clear vision for the future, he knew some of this stuff would help tell a part of America’s motorsports history so he began gathering as much as he could. Throughout his years of racing and rodding he had quietly amassed an incredibly extensive collection of aftermarket parts, race engines (600+), cars (150+), toys, and automotive memorabilia. This amazing collection eventually became the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to preserving significant artifacts of American racing and performance history. There are so many pieces and displays in this Lincoln Nebraska museum that can’t be found anywhere else.

Unique speed vehicles at the Museum of American Speed
In addition to the amazing cars on display, the museum also features many unique displays including the largest collection of vintage pedal cars, gas-powered miniature race cars, automobile-themed toys, automotive art, lunchboxes and more. Speedway Motors

Visiting this museum is a gearhead’s dream with over 240,000 sq. ft. spread over three levels to explore. Plus, they are in progress on a 90,000 square foot expansion. This is the type of museum you could spend days in and USA Today agreed when they named it the 2023 ‘Best Attraction for Car Lovers’. Examples of some of the amazing cars on display includes: The original belly tank racer that was the first hot rod to break 150mph, a 1971 Gurney Eagle raced by Bobby Unser in the 1971 Indy 500, and The Johnny Lightning Special driven by Al Unser.

Race vehicles at Museum of American Speed
1971 Gurney Eagle driven by Bobby Unser to seven poles and a pair of victories for the ’71 USAC season. Speedway Motors

This world-class collection of automotive and motorsports artifacts has allowed the Smith family to give back to the car community and share their profound love of racing and rodding with future generations.

Race vehicles at the Museum of American Speed
The Johnny Lightning Special on display at the Museum of American Speed. Al Unser Sr. drove this car, powered by Ford’s 4-cam V8, to 10 wins in 18 starts in the 1970 USAC season, including the Indy 500. Speedway Motors

For more information about Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed, museum hours or displays, visit www.museumofamericanspeed.com.

Those are the reasons why I use Speedway Motors for my auto parts needs. What about you, how has Speedway Motors helped you? Their products and expert advice are available to customers by calling 1.800.979.0122 (M-F 8am-5pm central), using their online chat, or visiting one of their retail stores in Lincoln, Neb. and Tolleson, Ariz. With over 250,000 parts available remember Speedwaymotors.com for all your automotive parts needs. Sign up for their emails and get an exclusive discount offer!

Speedway Motors welding
Speedway Motors is filled with people like you who love to race on weekends or wrench on their cars. Speedway Motors
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