Restoration Tale ’77 Bronco

My dad and I, along with a few friends, worked on this project all winter. It’s a wood ’77 Bronco. It started out as a bucket of rust, but then we began the restoration process. We reworked the whole frame, new motor and all.

Our friend builds vehicles out of wood, piece by piece, so he offered to rebuild this Bronco out of wood. The body is made out of cherry, and the bumpers are consist of oak and ash. He has completed others too: three Jeeps, a Woody and a Ranger.

At this point, the varnish on the Bronco has been completed, inside work done and the two halves have finally come together.

As for some of the other vehicles that our friend has worked on, the Ranger is an ’84 solid cherry with an oak floor. The ’55 Willys is made out of pine logs. The other two Jeeps he’s made are a, ’65 CJ out of cherry with oak trim, and a ’69 CJ that is oak and walnut.

The Woody he made some time ago, and as far as we know, it’s in Texas someplace in a bar on a turntable. He’s given the rest of those he made to each of his children – he got tired of storing them! He has a very rare talent, and it’s a shame that no one is learning from him to pass on his skills.

We attended a Bronco Show in May in Brighton, Michigan, and the comments we got were hilarious! Someone even asked if it was contact paper put over the car’s metal.

– Ron Ervin,
Columbia Station, OH

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