Restoration Tale: 1970 Chevelle SS


I purchased a 1970 Chevelle SS in January of 2002. When I located this car on a farm, it had been covered with a heavy large army tarp for several years and there was major rust damage on the body. I had to replace the entire roof, due to the rusting of the front and rear window supports. I also replaced all of the body panels with new GM parts.

It took me almost two years to completely restore my Chevelle, which has received many trophies since its restoration. In the past eight months, I’ve entered the car in seven car shows and walked away with trophies each time, including an award for best interior.

After all of the hard work and time spent on this project, I can now enjoy it with my family on nice sunny weekends for cruises.

I just want to thank Hagerty for being there to insure classic cars for what they are really worth to the owner. I’m looking forward to working on another project and adding another car to my insurance policy.

– Raymond Larrasquitu, Jr.
Channelview, TX


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