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Dieter writes:

I recently purchased a 1972 Corvette with a 454; a lot of restoration work had already been done. Can you give me some guidance where I might find photos of how the engine (LS5) compartment should look—decals & their location, proper clamps, etc.?

Sajeev answers: 

This is an easy one, not because I know the answers but because I know who does. Corvettes have been documented to death in excruciating detail, and the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) has you covered. You can join the NCRS, but perhaps the technical information guide is all you need. Here’s the scoop, right from the source:

“Each one of the Technical Manuals is the result of thousands of hours of research by the most knowledgeable hobbyists in the country. They are the culmination of everything currently known about each model. Each one details PART-BY-PART how Corvettes appeared at the time of final assembly. Included are: finishes, part numbers, casting numbers, detailed descriptions, survey results, how to interpret date codes, and much much more.”

These publications aren’t cheap ($90), but such is the way of Corvette ownership, relative to that of a Chevy Nova. Odds are this information, if even available, would be painfully difficult/expensive to procure for something like a 1972 Ferrari Daytona. So bite the bullet, and get the NCRS book for your Corvette. Odds are you won’t regret it.

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