Paint Waxing Tip

Aside from using a car cover, waxing your car is the best protection you can provide for your paint. Provided you use a quality wax that does not contain an abrasive. A quality, carnauba wax can actually hide tiny swirl marks, and toweling scratches while increasing paint depth, clarity and color. Carnauba wax comes from the Brazilian plant, Copernica erifera, which is farmed for its vegetable-fat wax. It coats the leaves of the plant and swells when wet, allowing water to run into the root area. When dry, it’s pores open up allowing the plant, and your paint, to breath.

In its raw form, carnauba is rock hard. Apply wax with a soft foam pad and work in small areas, moving back and forth or round and round. Allow the wax to set up and dry so it forms the protective barrier. Remove wax with a 100% cotton cloth or soft, high grade, microfiber cloth. Never use old towels, T-shirts or diapers as these items are stitched with polyester threads that can scratch paint. Wipe gently, turn the cloth frequently, and if the wax is hard to remove, spritz a little water on the area to soften the wax.

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