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Since 1939, the Stern family has been running the MetroVac company, making some of the best vacuums in America. Now housed in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey, four generations of family have worked to produce unique industry innovations to the vacuum world. Those aren’t just words, in 1957 MetroVac invented the first 110-volt handheld vacuum cleaner. Then in 1964 they introduced the world to the 12-volt automotive handheld vacuum cleaner that plugged into the cigarette lighter. By 1970 they had created the world’s first, and still only, dual voltage handheld vacuum that’s designed to work in homes and cars.

Over 80 years later, MetroVac now has a full line of car vacuum cleaners and car dryers. This includes everything from the handheld Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer to the Jumbo Vac N Blo wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner. They have products lines that target both professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts worldwide, but there is one thing they don’t do yet: cordless vacs. MetroVacs are made of steel and very powerful – no cordless vac is strong enough or has a long enough battery life to meet their standards and wear the MetroVac name (but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying!).

I had the opportunity to test out a few of these beautiful made in New Jersey products on one of the most grueling tests possible; a minivan just back from spring break.

MetroVac Compact Vac N Blo

As with all of their products, the Vac N Blo comes with a variety of options. I tried one that includes 13 attachments that allows you to clean every possible crevice in a car and runs about $350. Like the title says, this is a vacuum and blower in one. The most surprising thing is how small it is considering its power. The unit measures only 16”x7” making it such a space saver compared to a traditional shop vac. Something unique in the car vacuum world is that it includes a wall mount. With four 6-foot hoses that can be attached to each other, mounting the vac to a wall is a great way for the professional detailer or shop to use this tool.

Matthew Fink

It’s surprising that this tiny package produces 4hp and can move 130 cubic feet per minute of airflow while barely weighing 8lbs. The huge variety of shapes and sizes of attachments make easy work of all the hiding spaces dirt and sand have found in the minivan. The soft bristles are great for screens, while the long crevice tool gets between seats.

Matthew Fink

This vacuum even comes with an adaptor that allows it to use a set of micro tools. These can be handy around buttons and knobs and could probably be brought inside to clean your home computer. The Vac N Blo uses replaceable bags that make cleanup a lot easier than trying to empty out a shop vac.

I used the inflator adaptor to get into the tracks of the center console cover. Matthew Fink

Another unique feature of this vacuum and blower is its construction. This is an all-steel unit, meaning if you are hard on your equipment, then this could be your workhorse. Despite its light weight, the level of quality that goes into the construction is quite evident. I attached 24’ of hoses and didn’t lose any suction.

This is one of the really effective attachments that features air-powered spinning brushes to stir up dirt from the carpet. Matthew Fink

In addition to the vacuuming ability, the other side of the unit features a blower. It’s easy to switch the hose from one side to the other when you want to blow-dry shampooed carpet for example. MetroVac says this may not be strong enough to dry the whole car, but it does a pretty good job of trying.

Matthew Fink

Use it to inflate a pool. Use it to blow leaves off the driveway. Use it to blast dirt and dust out of a car interior. And of course, use it to vacuum everything in sight. There are even extension wands and hard floor attachments so you can take this into the house and clean your hardwood! The bottom line, the MetroVac Compact Vac N Blo provides exceptional power and versatility in a quality compact product.

MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster Revolution Car/Motorcycle Dryer

I’ve been detailing cars for over 20 years and always used the appropriate towels to dry off a car. However, the fact remains that every time you touch the paint of a car you risk leaving swirl marks. If you want to dry your car without using a towel or chamois, the Master Blaster is one of the most powerful car dryers on the market. And it’s seriously powerful. Like it blew dirt off the bottom of my driveway 20 feet away when I turned it on, powerful.

There are a variety of soft rubber attachments – meaning it doesn’t scratch the paint if you accidentally touch it. Matthew Fink

Car blowers (or dryers) have a lot of uses. Blowing the water off the car will prevent water spots from forming. Using air to dry a car compared to towels will eliminate the chance of getting scratches. Plus, its warm air can be used to dry seats after shampooing.

The Master Blaster has two 4hp motors that can be run separately or together for 8hp of blowing power. It comes with wheels already installed, a wall hanger, a hose hanger, and a huge 30ft hose. Depending on some of the options, this runs about $500. If you are comparing it to others be sure to check on the cost of all the options because the MetroVac comes loaded.

Can we all agree that the Air Force Master Blaster Revolution may be the greatest name for a product ever? Matthew Fink

In using it to dry the van I would not say it immediately saved me time compared to using towels, though I’m sure with practice that would come. It did however guarantee this van was completely dry, and without any micro scratches a towel could leave behind. The power does an amazing job of getting water out of every nook and cranny on the van. Grills, wheels, mirrors, door jams, and all the areas that can’t be dried with a towel are all taken care of. Think of all the spaces on a car that drip water onto your freshly cleaned paint after you drive away from a car wash. Those are all taken care of using the Master Blaster. Plus, it’s way safer for the paint! Delivering 58,500 feet-per-minute of filtered warm air, I was even able to use it to blast sand out of floor mats to assist in interior cleaning.

Matthew Fink

You can see Hagerty Drivers Club Contributor Wayne Carini use it in action in this video. In fact, if you google “the Rolls Royce of car dryers”, you will find the Master Blaster. I’ve seen professional car detailers use it as an interior dryer by leaving the warm air running in the interior for a few minutes after shampooing the seats and carpet.

Matthew Fink

The Master Blaster feels a little old school. It’s loud and heavy-duty. And it’s exactly the type of product people are dreaming about when they a hold a cheap plastic unit and say, “they don’t build ‘em like they used to”. Except over at MetroVac, they still do.

Matthew Fink

“I am grateful to my grandparents and father for laying the foundation of MetroVac” Ken Stern, MetroVac President and CEO shared. “As a third generation family member, their guidance allowed me to grow this business to the successful American manufacturer we are today. We will continue to innovate and introduce new products into the markets we serve and carry on the tradition that my family started in 1939.”

Air Force Blaster Sidekick

Matthew Fink

The last product I tested was this $120 mini dryer. Advertised as a motorcycle dryer, I found it also to be great at getting water out of all the creases and seams where water hangs out after you dry a car. I also used the 1.3hp blower to dry off some tires that I needed to apply dressing to, and the Sidekick was up to the task. Its tiny size means it’s easy to store in the garage and use to blow off tools and machinery with warm, filtered air. Or take it to a jobsite to get water and contaminants out of expensive equipment (or off of employees) after a day on the job.

Despite it being one of their more inexpensive models and only weighing 3 lbs, it too is made of all-steel construction making it nearly indestructible. Of course, using it to dry a motorcycle as it was intended will get professional looking results in minutes. It can be used to clean everything from electronics to air filters. You will never have to buy another can of compressed air again, and its more portable than air compressors and easier to use.


Still being a family-owned business, MetroVac does things a little differently than some of the bigger companies. For example, you don’t need to register your purchase to get the amazing 5-year warranty they offer on most products. Instead, each product has a date code on the bottom indicating the month and year it was built. That’s all you’ll need. They sell everything on their website, but there are a number of other retailers that carry them as well, including Amazon.

In addition to all the amazing auto related products they sell, MetroVac literally created the computer cleaning industry by producing DataVac Computer Cleaning Systems since the 1970s. They are also leaders in pet dryers and produce high volume pumps and inflator/ deflators to the marine, camping, and sporting goods industries. They even make pumps used to inflate emergency inflatable shelters for medical and decontamination purposes.

MetroVac products come with a whole range of accessories and every type of replacement part all the way up to the motor itself. That means your MetroVac product could literally be the last vacuum or blower you ever buy.

For over 80 years MetroVac has been building quality car vacuums and blowers in America. If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line car detailing vacuum, dryer, or a combo of the two, they have you covered! Check out their full lineup of products at

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    I have used as Master Blaster since 2008. It is a great tool for the garage. Not only does it preserve the finish but it prevents most of all those weepers you get with water dripped out after a wash.

    I have also used it to blow things out like in the fender well areas and blowing off pollen and dust from the surface before putting on the cover.

    I even used mine to remove a mouse nest in a car that had it in the AC duct. It removed the nest with no need to remove the dash.

    Now before anyone says well I can just use compressed air or my leaf blower no it is not the same. The blowers here generate warm air and it dries and warms at the same time. It makes for faster and easier drying.

    For a car I would recommend the 8HP model. The extra power is a great help. I first bought the 4 HP and it is good for bikes and such.

    I also use this to dry engines after cleaning and even my Tractor after a wash down.

    No it is not cheap but I am going on 20 years of flawless service.

    I did change the brushes last year but they really were still goo after heavy use.

    This is a top quality high value product and I am usually a skeptic on many thing. I was on this till I owned one. I would never want to be with out this product.

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