Leaf spring rescue with ChrisFix

For YouTube home mechanic ChrisFix’s latest project, he tackles a Mazda B-Series (which is virtually identical to the Ford Ranger) with what at first seems like a terminal case of frame rust. With the truck to sitting so awkwardly, what else could it be? Closer inspection shows that the mini-trucks’ sagging and leaning rear suspension is due to a leaf spring hanger succumbing to rust and failing.

Luckily, the hanger, which mounts to the frame by way of two rivets and two bolts, took the brunt of the rust damage, and the underlying frame still has plenty of life and work left in it. With a grinder equipped with a grinding wheel and a then a wire wheel, the remnants of the rusty hanger is removed and the frame is prepped for the new hanger.

The video includes tips for swapping leaf spring bushings and entire leaf springs, along with the application of rust converter and rubberized undercoating that will help the repair last for years. It’s a good reminder that for popular models, parts like spring hangers are readily available and often very affordable, and the repairs can be completed with basic tools. We checked for ourselves, and the leaf spring hanger, bolts, and shackle needed for this kind of repair costs less than $70, and the springs run $100–$150 each, not a bad investment to keep a workhorse on the road for years to come.

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