Useful tips for a DIY transmission drop


Do it yourself projects can be rewarding, but they can also be intimidating. Luckily, other DIY enthusiasts online can help ease the struggle and increase confidence by documenting their projects. One such instance is this well-done guide on replacing a transmission in a modern Ford Mustang.

ChrisFix is a YouTube channel dedicated to in-depth guides on a wide array of automotive projects. The latest video details step-by-step removal of the transmission from an early SN-95 Mustang, which spans the 1994-98 model years. While the directions are specific to this car, there are many tips interspersed throughout that apply to all front engine/rear drive models.

One specific inclusion that was nice to see in this tutorial was about wetting the clutch and wearing proper personal protection to prevent inhalation of the dust from the clutch material. Older models can have asbestos clutch material that needs to be handled with care to prevent future health problems.

It is also great to see an honest mechanic that pulled the transmission to change the throw-out bearing but found that the project would snowball into a complete transmission replacement upon further inspection. Sometimes you never know just exactly how deep a project will go until you are in the middle of it.

If you need to replace your transmission, or just remove it in order to service something else, this is a useful way to see what you are doing to get that little bit more confidence before jumping in. If you have done this project before, be sure to share the tips you have in the Hagerty Forums by commenting below.


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