Create a luxury garage for your car collection with Baldhead Cabinets

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A high-end product for car collectors

If you dream of transforming your messy garage into an organized masterpiece to lounge and work in, check out Baldhead Cabinets. These American made garage cabinets will change the way you think about your garage altogether. “The garage is no longer a place to throw junk. It has become another room of the house” shared Peter Fleming, COO, Baldhead Cabinets. “We are building high-end custom designed steel cabinets to help our clientele create a space they want to spend time in.”

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The idea for Baldhead Cabinets began in the founder’s own garage over 20 years ago. When Peter’s parents Eric and Bobbie Fleming couldn’t find the level of quality in a cabinet the couple was looking for on the market, they decided to build it themselves. Since the family owned a metal fabrication company, they were able to create custom made cabinets that fit perfectly in their garage. It was Peter’s mom Bobbie (and Baldhead CFO) that had the idea to create storage for their garage that looked as nice as high-end kitchen cabinets but built to the highest standard using metal. Their setup included a nice countertop, tons of storage, and places for all their tools. When photos of the garage were printed in a local magazine, the requests from potential customers started rolling in. Baldhead Cabinets, which today is a designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty, high-quality garage cabinetry, was created to fill a need in the marketplace. A high-end product for high-end clientele.

Once the Fleming family decided to focus on making garage cabinets, they knew it couldn’t be called “Fleming Cabinets” because it was going to be about so much more than the founders. It was about their crew. Baldhead Cabinets has a team of 35 “craftsman”, many of which have been with them for over 20 years. Peter likes to say, “As much as we love cabinets, our true passion is people. We produce an extremely high-quality product, but that’s not why we are here. We are here because of the relationships. This includes relationships with our clients and relationships with the craftsmen that make up the Baldhead family.” (And yes, the name comes from one of their crew members who is, you guessed it, bald.)

The Cabinets

With a team of highly skilled metal craftsman already in place, the first thing the Flemings invested in was the best machinery and technology available. The family believes that having the finest machinery allows them to produce high quality cabinets while also keeping their process efficient and lean. Their use of a small highly skilled staff paired with the top technology is unique in the world of mass-produced cabinets. These are sturdy cabinets that stand up to heavy loads while looking great. They are not mass produced but rather crafted with precision and quality tailored to fit each customer’s individual needs.

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Early on, Baldhead experimented with sending their metal out to a third party for powder coating. However, the time loss and quality issues they noticed were a sacrifice they weren’t willing to make. “We have found you can’t outsource any part of the process and get the results you want. So, we literally do it all in house,” shared Peter Fleming.

By keeping the design, engineering, and fabrication processes inhouse, they can control the quality and timing of every project, Peter explained. “From computer-aided design to laser cutting and shipping, our hands touch every part of the process, our goal is to deliver cabinets that meet our company standards and surpass your expectations.”

Everything takes place in their 55,000 sq/ft facility in Bend, Oregon. Made from 18-guage construction with a hammer textured powder coat finish – Baldhead cabinets are rust-proof and ultra-durable. Each cabinet includes European-style soft close hinge doors, drawers in various sizes are outfitted with precision ball-bearing slides and no-slip liners, and built-in toolboxes. Baldhead garage cabinets are for homeowners who demand the best.

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There is a huge list of options and colors (13 to choose from or create your own color) when it comes to choosing the cabinets. There are traditional storage products like a large selection of drawer cabinets for all your tools, tall storage lockers, countertops, and corner cabinets. Then there are the more unique options like cabinets with a built in TV, glass door cabinets to display your collectibles, and even ones that include a sink and mini refrigerator.

A True Custom Experience

Purchasing custom metal cabinets from Baldhead Cabinets is a unique experience. This level of designing, creating, and installing custom garage cabinetry is something that appeals to a smaller, niche audience, Peter explained.  “This type of cabinet is for the car collector that cares about the best products with the best craftsmanship at the highest level of quality.”

Each project begins with a conversation with the customer. “Learning about the customer’s needs and desires for their garage guides our design process as we strive to provide a level of service that makes the process as seamless as possible. Building a relationship with the customer over the course of this journey is one of our favorite parts of the job,” said Fleming.

“Clients are drawn to Baldhead Cabinets for not only the quality cabinets, but for the experience from start to finish with an established company that’s rooted in the United States,” said Peter. He explained that each project revolves around input from a customer, with cabinets created specifically for their garage.

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After learning about each client, a detailed AutoCAD layout is created of their garage so that adjustments can be made until everyone agrees it is right. For installation there two choices: the self-install option, where the mostly assembled cabinets are shipped directly to the customer – or the custom-install option which includes a team from Baldhead travelling to the customer, picking up the cabinets at a local freight terminal, and completing the installation. Customers are surprised when it is often the CEO and COO that show up to do the installation, usually completed in one day.

Although the custom-install option is not always necessary, it’s important to understand the level of commitment Fleming and his crew are willing to make to ensure things are right. “We’ll offer to fly out and consult in person. For the bigger projects it’s really worth it,” he says. They even invite customers the opportunity to stop by and visit their facilities (which many have taken advantage of).

For the last 20 years Baldhead Cabinet Company and their skilled staff have brought a level of quality and craftsmanship to a section of the home that had not seen it before—garage storage.

Building a top-level product and backing it with great customer service is working for Baldhead Cabinet Company. For people that own an example of an automobile featuring the finest craftsmanship the world has to offer, they should consider surrounding it with a quality cabinet that matches that level of craftsmanship.

Baldhead Cabinet Company is a full service, family-owned and operated company that has been transforming garages, shops, hangars, and car condos with custom metal cabinets for over 20 years. They design and manufacture what they believe are the finest, custom metal cabinets on the market. Yes, Baldhead is expensive…but you definitely get what you pay for. To learn more visit or call 877-966-2253.

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