Collector Car Transporting Tips

The best thing to do is be prepared before you attend an auction, though sometimes that’s not possible. If you find that “gotta have it” collector car at an auction, you may need the services of a transport company to move your new prized possession to the safety of your own garage several states away. Here are some tips for choosing the best transport company and how to work with them:

  • Look for a company that’s been around for awhile. Good companies last longer.
  • Check to see how well the company maintains its trucks. The care put into their rigs can be a good indication of the care they will give your car.
  • Look for “enclosed” transport. It’s more expensive, but worth it for the added protection on long trips. You’ll also want to use a company with trailers custom built to transport cars — they’re configured to securely lock down vehicles.
  • Look for horizontal hydraulic liftgates. They make for safer loading and unloading.
  • Find a company that’s a “collector car” specialist. More importantly, one that has drivers who are collector cars specialists. Those are the guys actually handling your car.
  • Ask for references, scheduled delivery date and a firm price — in writing.
  • The company is responsible for your car while it’s in their possession. Make sure they have insurance in place and inquire about any limits so your car is covered for the full value.
  • But remember, you’re responsible for insurance prior to pickup and upon delivery, so you’ll need an active, preferably agreed value policy in place.
  • Get clear instructions on what’s expected of you — pickup and delivery availability, ownership documentation, acceptable gas tank levels, tire pressure, alarm system disablement, insurance and so forth.
  • It’s also a good idea to document the condition of the vehicle before it’s picked up. Take photos and note any pre-existing damage.
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