Cleaning Your Convertible Top


Cleaning auto top materials

If previous owners of the car washed the convertible top or vinyl roof frequently, as recommended by the factory, it may be in good condition and probably won’t need replacement. However, it’s still likely that a good cleaning will be in order.

A neutral soap, lukewarm water and a brush with soft bristles are recommended. After cleaning, the top should be rinsed thoroughly with water to remove all traces of soap.

If the top requires additional cleaning, after using soap and water, a mild foaming cleanser can be used. Do not use volatile cleaners or household bleaching agents on convertible top material.

Rinse the entire top with water, then apply a mild, foaming cleanser on an area of approximately two square feet. Scrub this area with a small, soft-bristle brush (adding water when necessary) until the cleanser foams to a soapy consistency.

Be sure to remove any dirt that accumulates with a cloth or sponge before it can be ground into the top material. Repeat these steps until the top is clean. Care must be taken to keep the cleanser from running down onto the body finish, as it may cause streaks if allowed to dry on the body.

After the entire top has been cleaned, rinse it generously with clear water to remove all traces of cleanser. If desired, the top can be supported from the underside during the scrubbing operation.

After cleaning a convertible top, always be sure that it is thoroughly dry, before lowering it into the car body. Lowering the top, while it is still wet or damp, may cause mildew, and unsightly wrinkles.

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