Car Washing Tips

While washing your vehicle, if at all possible, work on your vehicle in the garage or at least in the shade. Be sure the surface is cool to your touch. This will avoid water spotting and your car care products won’t dry too fast, making it easier to remove them for better results.

Never wash a vehicle right after it’s been driven. The surfaces will be too hot, especially the hood and wheels. Cool water on hot wheels and brake rotors can cause permanent damage.

Work form the top down, rinsing the surface often. You won’t contaminate the clean areas, and it will leave the dirtiest surfaces for last. Use a neutral PH cleaner with lots of lubricity and a wash mitt that holds a lot of water. Never use dishwashing detergent. Rinse your mitt often to remove dirt, grit, sand and contaminants. Even small bits are abrasive and will scratch your paint causing micro-scratches or worse. Clean the lower areas and rear of the vehicle last, as these parts of the vehicle are the dirtiest.

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