Griot’s Car Car Tip: Will waterless car wash damage your paint?

Water restrictions are becoming more common, I’m sure you’ve seen a flood (forgive the pun) of waterless car washes hitting the market. I was very skeptical at first. Washing my car without water? Are you nuts?! However, now that I understand and have used them, let me say: I am a believer.

The idea behind safely removing dirt from your paint (with any type of car wash) is to provide lubrication that lifts contaminants, allowing them to glide off the surface instead of being dragged across it.

A good spray-on car wash should have similar lubricants to those found in a traditional car wash. When the product is misted onto the paint, it encapsulates the dirt and lifts it from the surface. Working in small sections, gently wipe the area clean using a side-to-side, wipe and lift motion; not in circles. When you use a high-loft microfiber towel, the dirt is trapped deep in the towel’s fibers and removed from your paint. And always use light pressure when wiping dirt from your vehicle as too much pressure may cause swirl marks.  Have fun in your garage!

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