A Trailer Made for One

Almost three years ago, I began looking for a trailer to transport my Mark II convertible. I looked at every production unit imaginable; unfortunately, they were essentially all just big white boxes. What I really wanted was a “toybox” trailer with an air-conditioned lounge and private bathroom facilities. My wife and I are adversely affected by the heat, and we wanted a place we could cool down and spend time with friends.

I hit upon the idea of converting an Airstream travel trailer into a car hauler/lounge. However, I found the “Twinkie” shape made it difficult to open the end enough to allow a car to be driven inside. Then I found a 1951 Royal Spartanette travel trailer made by the Spartan Aircraft Company. Its shape is referred to as “an elongated canned ham on its side.” This unique shape allowed me to open the rear end in a clamshell fashion.

I gutted the old body and removed it from the chassis. The 32-foot-long body hung from my shop ceiling for a year and a half while I fabricated a new heavy-duty chassis and overbuilt everything. The body now sits on three 8,000 lb. axles and has air ride and hydraulic disc brakes. I applied every bit of new technology available to this project.

The trailer has since received international attention and has been invited onto the show field of three Concours this summer. Check it out at www.cardomain.com/ride/340096/5. The site is a chronological guide to duplicating this project, should anyone have the desire. This beauty is truly in a class of one!

– Barry Wolk, Farmington Hills, Mich.

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