25 Greatest Mustangs: Shelby GT350-H

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Neil Jamieson

Shelby both backed off the intensity of the GT350 Mustang for ’66 and cranked up production. He built 2380 that year, of which Hertz took 1001 for its Rent-A-Racer program.

They were a variety of colors, all with gold stripes and the same 306-hp 289. Most were automatics. Hertz Sports Car Club members could rent them for $17 a day and 17 cents a mile. The ad read, “Add a little excitement to your next business trip. Get behind the wheel of a Shelby GT350-H.”

Stories of cars being returned with different engines and evidence of roll bars added are legendary.

[Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared as part of the 25 Greatest Mustangs cover story in the July/August issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. You can find the other entries here.]

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