25 Greatest Mustangs: 1984 Mustang SVO

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1984 Mustang SVO
Neil Jamieson

Heavily influenced by Europe, where turbo engines were blossoming, Ford created this high-performance Mustang with a boosted 2.3-liter rated at 175 horsepower, which jumped to 205 horsepower for ’85, dropping the 60-mph sprint to 6.8 seconds.

Easily identified by its offset hood scoop and dual rear wings, the SVO was the first product from Ford’s Special Vehicle Operations. All were hatchbacks with five-speed sticks, and they were the first Mustangs with four-wheel disc brakes and 16-inch wheels. The SVO also cost thousands more than the 5.0, and turbo lag was a serious problem. Only 9502 were sold.

[Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared as part of the 25 Greatest Mustangs cover story in the July/August issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. You can find the other entries here.]

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