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13 January 2021 at 1:00pm ET

It is an all-new season of shows for Hagerty Media and this year we are adding car personality, Jason Cammisa, to our roster of talent. Tune in as we chat with Jason about his three new shows all debuting this month on Hagerty: Icons, Know It All, and Revelations.

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    I love the combination of Jason Cammisa and Randy Pobst – Your automotive videos are are informative feast for a car enthusiast.Amazing how the 911GT3RS beat the new C8 Z06 on a horsepower track like Willow Springs with 150 hp less ! The Kentucky Ferrar is nowhere when it comes to the last 10% where it matters ! I have a few suggestions about interesting content for upcoming videos…The best american sportscar made so far despite its obvious flaws like visibility,useless rear seats,smal trunk the Camaro SS1LE vs the BMW M2 that is in my opinion the best car currently on sale combining CamaroZL1LE track performance with all day practicality while still getting 20 and not 10 mpg against the Bronco I kean Mustang because at the limit it bucks like a Bronco Mach 1 or even better old/new S650 Dark Horse !
    BMW M2 vs M4 vs M4 Competition
    BMW M3 against both Blackwings which are basically overprized 4 door Camaros with a crappy V-6 or way too thirsty V8 while GM should have just stuffed the LT1 under the hood and called it a day.
    Best hot hatch because it oversteers Golf R,too bad the Audi RS3 does not have a manual vs the Toyobaru GRBRZ.
    And last but not least Porsche 911 GT3 Touring vs GTS and 911 Carrera T vs 718 GTS.
    Maybe a great drive M2,Camaro,Mustang and a 911 GT3 or GTS going down the 1100 miles from Tijuana to Cabo like in the old Car & Driver days would make great content too.I have done it 26 times !
    Keep it up and keep it real ! Too bad GM is abandoning their best car instead of fixing its flaws.They should have killed the Corvette instead as ugly and fake the C8 is…
    Chris Geuting

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