What is your favorite sleigh from a Santa-themed movie?


Santa has had some sweet sleighs over time, hasn’t he? While society insists on certain traditions in December, we can still make the reindeer-powered season relevant to our hobby—nay, our passion!

Vehicles play a big role during the holidays, and sometimes they get a little limelight in Christmas-themed movies, too. For this week’s installment of According to You, we’d like to know which Christmas movies were just a bit more merry because of the cars driven by Santa himself. (Or the two-wheeled vehicles, of course!)

While the photo above was a promotional item from Dodge a few years ago, it certainly gets the point across. So here’s my favorite sleigh:

BMW 7 Series, Bad Santa

Miramax Films

I’m sure those who know me expect me to choose Santa’s Ford Taurus SHO from 1994’s Santa Clause movie, but that’s low-hanging fruit for my Taurus-adjacent tastes. I am also a fan of BMW’s E38 series, so the 1996–99 BMW 740iL was indeed a great choice of transport for Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. But this is an R-rated Christmas movie, an oxymoron at its best, wholly inappropriate at the worst. No matter the content present in the film, how bad can a Bad Santa be if he isn’t driving a flagship sedan he stole from an unwitting family?

So the question comes back to you, Hagerty Community: What’s your favorite sleigh from a Santa-themed movie?




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    No a movie – but the Mercedes-Benz ad, run seasonally, where Santa has the hot red convertible and the reindeer have the utes and sedans in silver is well-done.

    I always liked those commercials. A few years ago, a group of us were invited to bring our cars to a local Holiday Parade. There were 10 cars. It was a total coincidence, but the “freakiest” hot rod took the lead and ran the center line, then eight cars lined up 2x2x2x2 behind him, and I pulled into the center behind them with my bright red coupe. Only later did we realize that we had done a mashup of Rudolph out front and the M-B ads!

    I’m not really a big movie-watcher to begin with, and even less so during the holiday period, when I’m typically busy minding livestock and spending my spare time with family. Not even sure I’ve ever watched a “Santa-themed-movie” except for Miracle on 34th Street as a kid. Did that even have a sleigh in it? I think so. If it did, I’m sure it was very “traditional”, so that’d be my pick.

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