The top 4 reasons to be thankful for vintage cars, according to you

The love of vintage cars runs deep within many car enthusiasts. We were curious to find the most potent catalysts for that passion, so we polled the Hagerty Forums over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and asked exactly why you’re thankful for your vintage ride. We received a great number of responses outlining just what it is about old cars that draws you to them. Here’s what you had to say.

The adventure

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Matt Lewis

Owning antique cars is an adventure at any level. Will the new project that the tow truck dropped off actually run someday? Is your little British roadster fit for a 50-mile run down the highway to that car show? We don’t know the answer without some relatively unscientific testing—also known as going out and giving it a try. The adventure creates memories, for better or worse, endearing us to the four-wheeled inanimate objects in our garages and driveways.

The people

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Adrian Meli

The easiest way to make friends is through shared experiences. Luckily, owners of vintage cars and trucks often have similar experiences during their time as caretakers for aging metal. Those experiences and stories they spawn bring together a group of folks who all appreciate similar things. If you join the hobby as an outsider, you will quickly find more than a few folks to help guide your classic-car journey—and many may become your friends for life.

The smile

coffee classics event smiling motorists

It is a unique feeling of accomplishment to achieve anything related to classic cars. Fixing something for the first time (or the 10th time) brings its own tinge of pride and confidence. Sliding onto a vintage bench seat and turning a small metallic key two clicks starts more than the engine—it starts our brains down a path toward making great memories. These complicated-yet-simple machines can bring us joy on the worst days by simply providing an escape from the stressful world around us.

That youthful feeling

Much of the vintage car market is driven by folks buying what they lusted after when they were young. The fun part of that is that owners drive the cars like they were time machines. Some are lucky enough to own a car they grew up in, while others buy back their first car to capture a bit of history. Regardless of your ride’s personal backstory, a classic car can warp time and make us feel decades younger. These cars can’t time travel, but don’t tell that to any of us when we’re cruising on a Friday night.

Did we capture your reasons correctly? Leave a comment below if there’s another reason you’re thankful for your classic, and also be sure to leave a response on this week’s Question of the Week; we’re hoping to suss out the parts that leave us stranded most often.

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