Rides from the Readers: 1972 Buick GS Stage 1

reader 1971 Buick GS Stage 1
Jerry Wilson

Hagerty readers and Hagerty Drivers Club members share their cherished collector and enthusiast vehicles with us via our contact email, tips@hagerty.com. We’re showcasing some of our favorite stories among these submissions. To have your car featured, send complete photography and your story of ownership to us at the above email.

Today’s featured car is a 1972 Buick GS, equipped with the 455/270 Stage 1 Engine. The 1964 GS (Gran Sport) was originally Buick’s response to the gauntlet thrown by Pontiac with its GTO, but by 1972, the GS settled into an upscale segment of the muscle car world. Buyers could opt for the cold-induction Stage 1 package to boost performance, which added bigger valves onto the engine heads and a more aggressive camshaft. Naturally, Stage 1 cars also got Positraction differentials and heavy-duty suspension components, plus optional disc brakes. Though power did fall a bit in 1972, due to emissions regulations, the seemingly drastic drop from the 1971 455 Stage 1’s 345 hp to 1972’s 270 was due mostly to the gross/net switch in horsepower ratings.

This particular ’72 Buick GS Stage 1 belongs to Jerry Wilson, who took the car from a Craigslist hulk to a gleaming, restored beast on the 2019 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals floor in Chicago. (There was even a 1970 GS 455 Stage 1 to keep it company.) As you can see below, the Flame Orange car came a long way in four years.

If you could restore one muscle car from this era, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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