Great Conversations: Will the self-driving future eliminate road rage?

The future of driving is scary if you only read new car news. More tech than ever is packed into these rolling fortresses, which ask less and less of the driver to keep them rolling down the road. So one Hagerty Forums user posed an interesting thought experiment:

Is the self-driving future one without road rage?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. True, production is automated, but design and programming is not. A human still determines a car’s behavior; even if, in the future, that human is an engineer at the factory and not the owner cruising down the highway in a self-driving pod. Anything with a computer can be altered and tuned; will the future include uploading an Ayrton Senna driving profile and having your Accord dive for every last gap on the 405 as you commute to work?

The fun part is that we don’t really know. What would you like to see in the automotive future? Chime in on the conversation in the Hagerty Forums, and if you have something other than this topic rolling around in your head, be sure to start a new topic so we can all discuss it. We are a friendly community of car lovers; you’ll fit right in.

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