Great Conversations: Show us your station wagon

The station wagon evolved from a purpose-driven creation—shuttling passengers and luggage to and from the train station—to a body style that the public sought out for its function and practicality. Sadly, some would say that function came at the cost of appearance.

You get to be the judge of that, though. We put out the call, in this Hagerty Forums thread, to show us your wagons. Users obliged, and all condition and trim levels have arrived at the party. The invite still stands to post a picture of your wagon, whether you’ve still got it or not.

Are wagons the best of both worlds, or just a reminder of a time before crossovers ruled the world? That might be a good conversation to start with fellow forum users. We will be highlighting Hagerty Forum posts moving forward, so be sure to chime in on current topics. Don’t hesitate to start your own by clicking on the New Topic button in the top right of the homepage. We want this to be a positive community of vehicle lovers—you’ll fit right in.

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