Great Conversations: Is it a pickup or a truck?

There are plenty of terms specific to the automotive industry. With the vast array of specific parts and mechanical terms, there are varying opinions as to whether people are choosing their definitions correctly. One of the most hotly contested debates? The definition of “pickup” vs “truck.”

Commercial haulers aside, they’re some of the largest vehicles on the roads, but the definition of what qualifies as a truck boils down to personal opinion. The Hagerty Forums held the debate recently and folks seemed to draw the line based on whether the vehicle had a bed—which trucks do not, but pickups do.

Is this a frivolous debate? Absolutely—and that is okay. It is fun to have thought experiments like this from time to time, especially when most of us could use a dose of automotive mental exercise. Do you have an opinion on the truck versus pickup debate? Weigh in on the Hagerty Forums, or start your own thread with a topic that you have been thinking about lately. It’s a community of car lovers, and you’ll fit right in.

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