Great Conversations: The best racing quotes

The order of words—and their source—is supremely important when putting them in print. If a journalist puts them in the same order as another person, and assumes original authorship, they’ve committed plagiarism. However, if the correct speaker is given credit for that quote, wisdom, humor, or instruction can be handed down decade after decade. Incorrect or unattributed documentations of people’s exact words have been the downfall of some, but treasured sayings from a role model are the ultimate remembrance of others. The Hagerty Forums recently discussed users’ favorite quotes, and the conversation is worth revisiting.

This particular thread focused on racing drivers, who tend to have interesting perspectives on both life and racing. If you are a fan of the most famous mumbler on the F1 circuit, there are a few tidbits for you. If Mario Andretti is more your speed (pun intended), bits of his wisdom are there too.

Do you have a favorite racing quote? Be sure to chip in on the Hagerty Forums. If there’s some other automotive topic rambling around in your head, start a new thread for discussion with other like-minded folks. After all, this is a community of car lovers; you’ll fit right in.

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