Great Conversations: Are you a French car fan?

If someone mentions “import cars” to a group of U.S.-based car lovers, there are a few brands that will spring to mind—and probably, they aren’t the likes of Peugeot. The number of French cars that come stateside is certainly fewer than those from other countries, but the passion for these off-beat vehicles is very real.

When one Hagerty Forums user put out the call to other French car fans who might be lurking around, like-minded enthusiasts came out of the woodwork. Whether you’re new to the French car world or someone who correctly pronounces Citroën, this conversation is one for you. Share your experience or learn a new brand—and strengthen the knowledge base of the Hagerty Forums community along the way.

French cars not your thing? There are subgroups for all interests. Find your home and share your stories, information, or humor. The Hagerty Forums are a community of car lovers—you’ll fit right in.

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