According to You: What vehicle took you to prom?


Wow, your feedback was certainly impressive for this question! Seems like everyone participating in the latest installment of According to You had a vehicle worth sharing: a car that was worthy of a special night spent dancing as a teenager. Our prom memories are just as diverse as our tastes and life experiences, so we’ve selected some examples from the Hagerty Community to share with everyone. (You can have a look at all of them here.)

Let’s get into it, and see what vehicles took us to the big dance!


The Deuce and a Quarter


@Mike: For my 1973 prom, I took a 1970 black Deuce and a Quarter [Electra 225] that had Dad recently gotten as a trade at the Buick dealer. Beautiful ivory-colored brocade interior. I did 120 mph and got the car airborne! (On a 35 mph street, no less.) No damage, and we lived through it. My date was surprised. Tough car–I drove it to the junkyard in 1982.

A Sterling mode of transport


@Mr. Ed: Mine was a Lynx Bronze 1988 Sterling 825 SL that my dad had purchased the previous fall. Connolly leather–wrapped seats, Recaro front buckets, reclining rear seats, authentic burl-wood interior trim—the works.

The Brits know how to put an interior together and build a great suspension, but they can’t make an electrical system to save their lives. Still can’t believe Rover went with a Lucas electrical system instead of the Honda/Denso system in its Acura Legend cousin.

Even more luxurious yachts


@Steve: My uncle had a brand new, 1968 Continental Mark III in triple black that drove my date and me to the senior prom in 1967. We were stylin’!

@Bob: To both junior and senior proms, I took a 1950 green Olds 88 coupe with the big, four-barrel engine. After a few wrenching sessions, it was the fastest car in our town.

@WAB: Junior prom (in 1977) was in a 1972 Chrysler Imperial Coupe—super impressive, and comfortable luxury everywhere you looked. My [ride to] 1978 senior prom was a 1977 Monte Carlo, triple Firethorn Red, that I had inherited from my father a couple years ago with 3000 miles on it. Wish I had that Imperial Coup … have been looking for an excellent one for years.

@Tom: I had a 1941 Series 61 Cadillac Sedan (in very good condition) that had been sitting up on blocks in a neighbor’s garage for 15 years. When my friends and I were young kids, the owner would allow us to play in the car as if we were driving it. As I approached my 16th birthday, the neighbor said that, if I got it in working order, I could have the car for $100. I was able to do so under the guidance of a local service station owner. When I received my license in 1967, I became “that guy” who all my friends wanted to double date with as it had a very roomy back seat. Needless to say, there was no double dating on prom night for any of my friends.

High five for the Tri-Five

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air side view

@DUB6: A 1955 Bel Air hardtop with stock 283 and three-speed floor-shift. Green interior—bench seat up front. The car was mostly white but with a tan hood and one blue fender, plus several spots showing my early attempts at body work, protected with yellow primer. (Where/why did I get yellow primer? Hey, it was the psychedelic ’60s, folks!)

After the dance, we headed downtown, where I promptly got pulled over for drag racing, which was an automatic $50 fine in those days. Not having that much cash, I got to spend the night in a cell, with my Chevy parked out front—minus my date, who had had to call her father to come get her. (Needless to say, we never dated again after that night.) When I scrounged the $50 from friends the next day, I in my powder-blue tux with white bucks sashayed out to the ’55 to the hoots of my assembled buddies and—quite red-faced, I assure you—headed home to face my folks. Memorable prom night? Yup!

@Ray: 1957 Chevy Bel Air 283. It was the family car, but during my high school years, after I got my license, it was mine pretty much any time I needed wheels.

Greatest Of All Time?


@Ken: I took a 1967 Pontiac GTO in 1972. Two proms, two girlfriends at the same time. Too much fun, too much car for a 17-year-old kid, and did not get into too much trouble (with the car or the two girls).

@Frank: In 1975 I drove a 1967 Pontiac GTO, Fathom Blue with black interior, Hurst dual-gate automatic, no power steering/brakes, and no air conditioning. Bought the car in December of 1974 for $700 at age 17. My first car. Remember everything about the car, and it was in very nice condition.

@DUB6: Ah, the days when you could buy a “very nice condition,” seven-year-old GTO for $700—please, please, please take me back!

The bench-seat Monte…


@Tim: I took a 1986 Monte Carlo SS, and it was one of the few I have seen that came with a front bench seat. It came in handy that night! Drove it to my prom in 1987.

A Pinto punchline?

1978 Ford Pinto Wagon front three quarter

@Jim: 1978 Ford Pinto wagon, four-speed. Beast!

Mopar muscle


@John: 1967 Plymouth GTX, midnight metallic blue, white interior. 440 Commando, dual quads, and A-727 Torqueflite.

@Steve: For my 1970 prom I took a ’66 Plymouth Satellite with a 440, 727 auto, Keystone Klassic wheels, and redline tires.

@Patrick: 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix: monstrous fourdoor with a 318. Great beer wagon.

Dumps like a truck?

RTI Auctions

@Richard: In the early ’80s my son was going to a prom with no date. The company I worked for had an ole Mack dump truck. He asked me if I’d drive him there in the ole beast. I said, “Hell yes.” He worked on that truck until it looked like a rough show truck. We made a statement for sure; some 40 years later, when he sees old classmates, they say, “Hey, you’re the kid that came to the prom in the dump truck!”

@Steve: A 1966 Chevy C-10 stepside–I had pulled out the six-cylinder, dropped in a 327 V-8, and added a nice set of oversized aluminum slots with a fresh paint job in Corvette blue. The best part was the bench seat! Ended up getting married to that girl.

@Gred: In 1979, I took my 1971 Ford Ranchero GT, 351 Cleveland 4V carb, light green w/wood paneling, skinny rims, and tires w/dog-dish hubcaps. That car was such a sleeper.

Down to Cougar town!


@Steve: In 1977, ’78, and ’79 (with the same girl) I drove my ’67 Cougar (my daily, but I was proud of it). Girl is still a friend, and I recently bought the car back after a 15-year absence. It was partially stripped and almost hopeless, but it’s been fun to try to get it back to what it was when foolishly sold.

Stay in your (Fair)lane?


@John: 1974 or 1975 (can’t remember which) prom, drove the 1965 Ford Fairlane my father bought for me to drive when my aunt was going to trade it in. Visualize a shoebox, you have the styling for that car (1966 and 1967 models looked a lot better). My brother got to drive our parents’ 1969 Galaxie 500, a nicer ride. Anyway, it wasn’t an impressive ride, I was a hopelessly shy and awkward nerd and she was quite a looker, so she moved on to more impressive guys.

She heard he had a Mercury …

Len the OP

@Len: I took my own car to the 1956 prom, a 1951 Mercury convertible.

Malibu with my ‘bu!

Hmm, it’s possible this photo will upset @snailish. Sorry about that! Mecum

@snailish: Mid-’90s prom, and I got to borrow a driver-quality 1970 Chevelle Malibu (dark blue with the black Malibu interior) convertible for that. Sadly the car was sold away from the family while I was away at college (for cheap, too). The next owner did a $50,000 restomod (in late ’90s dollars) to turn it into a red-with-black-stripes SS clone.



@Sam: I took a 2004 Mazda 3 for junior prom. Hopefully I get something better for my senior prom! LOL!




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    Our high school in 1969 a formal prom was not allowed. It was in the South. Enough said about that. But we did have a graduation along with 2 separate graduation parties. One for most of the students and everyone was invited along with another one for the more elites (can I say white students only?) Well that’s the way it was where I grew up in the South in 1969. Well I drove my 1964 Malibu SS convertible and some friends just jumped-in (convertible top down). I believe they were carrying some rather high-end whiskey for the times. Although most of the kids who brought their own cars were either driving their parents rather expensive cars or the brand new cars that their parents had just bought for them. However I bought my ultra cool ’64 Malibu SS convertible V8 with my own money I made from working after classes and money I saved from a summer jobs. Not only that I paid for my own insurance premiums and of course gas which cost around 27 cents per gallon of premium. Yes oh god yes I wish I still had that car! I have had many dreams about that car sitting in my garage that I couldn’t drive because I had to get the brakes fixed first. OK that’s my story beat that! If this is a competition one has to consider I occasionally have dreams about still having that car.

    Junior prom: my Dad’s ‘66 GTO. Senior prom: my brother’s ‘63 Corvette, 327 4-speed. No wonder I’ve been a car guy ever since.

    I didn’t have a car, driver’s license and was too shy to talk to girls in high school so I never went to any dances. Everything improved in the years after. I bought a 66 Chevelle the year after I graduated and put a 427 big block in it. My neighbor was a big block Chevy guy and his childhood best friend was the best performance mechanic around which was a great combination so they corrupted me. I outran a cop and have only lost 2 races in the last 43 years. One car was a pro bracket Camaro with slicks on the street and I was catching him at the quarter mile mark. I still have it and it runs great. The other Chevelle is a convertible with a 283. I bought a 66 El Camino 3 weeks ago and I have a 1970 Monte Carlo I found 3 years ago that had a bad rod bearing in the 402 it has. I have plenty of projects. I’ve had lots of fun and had lots of dates and girlfriends since high school. I had a Brasilian girlfriend who had been a professional dancer who would never dance with me and it gave me flashbacks from when I was a nerd and didn’t dance in high school but it didn’t last long! I wish I could do high school over again. I did run for Governor in Washington and that felt good because I knew I wasn’t quiet anymore. Thanks for letting me vent. What engine did your dad’s 66 GTO have? They are very similar to Chevelles I know.

    I never went to my prom. I walked out of that sh##hole of a school and never looked back. I haven’t even gone to any of the reunions.

    We drove our 73 454 4spd Corvette to grad in 1975,when vettes were only $7500 new . We slept in it that night, but not very well!

    My Senior Prom night was a Black 65 2+2 Fastback Mustang 289 Automatic. It belong to my older brother who let me take it. He had just gotten discharged from the U.S.A.F. Sweet Ride. And I married the girl 52 years ago. Pretty Cool 👍

    I’m with you. Couldn’t stand 99% of the people I graduated with. Feeling was no doubt mutual so that made everything okay………..

    In 1959 took a 1956 Ford Fairlane 292 – 3 speed on the tree with over drive, 411 rear end, dual exhaust and 4 doors! Wound love to have it today

    Hey Steve, you might want to get your facts straight, there were zero Mark IIIs titled as ’67s or ’68s. Oldtimers?

    I went to the 1972 prom driving a 1965 Mustang…I still have the car today…however my prom date is still wont talk to me

    Senior prom in 1989
    1968 Convertible Black Buick Wildcat ~Rental, with a one armed chaueffer (he had a great prosthetic) ! My boyfriend at the time aimed to please & delivered 💯

    I took my now wife to her prom in 1975 in a 1970 Buick Gran Sport (not a stage1 ) 350 4barrel with ram air . Red with a black vinyl top Cragger S/S mags deep dish in the rear ; white letter tires and a bench seat Had it all waxed up in the first end parking spot so everyone could see it

    The race car I drove, AA/SP 1967 435 427 that Jesel Blueprinted the motor, it would go 10.09 at 132 in the quarter, 1968 Raceway Park Spring nationals.

    My prom ride was a 1962 White Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop with red interior (everything was red), w/w tires and V8 go power.

    1954 Dodge Coronet! Sounds pretty boring but then again so was I back then. I had done the interior doors over with fake tan leather and foam backing. I thought it was cool, maybe not so much in retrospect. Still had a good time.

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