According To You: What color would you choose for your vehicle?

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Last week we asked if you’d change the color of your car, given the opportunity to do so. The feedback we got was positive, and the most popular color you chose for your car was rather unexpected. So let’s get right to it.


2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale exterior front three quarter driving
Alfa Romeo

The green-hued bandwagon starts off with Ken Randall, as he loves Chrysler’s F8 Green. He thinks “this particular color choice would deliver long-term enjoyment” and after seeing it on Challengers and a very nice 1970 Corvette, we are inclined to agree!

Tim agrees, and wants a Sonoran Green Audi RS, to go with his previous green cars: a 2005 Mini in British Racing Green, and a 2009 911 Carrera CS2 “in Porsche’s similar shade.”

Longtime Hagerty Community member DUB6 is apparently a sucker for greens. As he put it:

“British Racing Green is great. The old Verdoro Green from Pontiac also appeals to me. Some of “lime” and/or fluorescent greens (e.g. 1970s Mopars) just don’t trip my fancy, though. Oddly, I like the old light green utility color that used to be on Forest Service trucks and such. Weird, huh?”

Nah, not at all DUB6.  Community member Norm Pare has a 1971 El Camino that he calls a “Slimy Green, which is a little greener than the Sublime Green. At first, I didn’t think it was that nice, but it grew on me.”

Green tends to grow almost everywhere, doesn’t it?

Dark Blue

Blue by you? Mouse Motors

There are a lot of unique blues out there, and Jeff Weimer is “partial to darker blues, but it can also be make-specific.” Good point, as there are many folks who love the dark blues on BMW M-series vehicles.

Now combine the first two!


What’s halfway between blue and green on the color wheel? That’s right, and MrKnowItAll recommends turquoise but applied in an unexpected fashion:

“Earl Scheib turquoise, roughly masked, painted right over the trim & medallions, no jambs. Great for $49.95!”

Flake out


“Anything with a boatload of flake” is what Scott wants. He goes further to remind us all that:

“Todays metallics are top notch. I am not talking custom flake, as that has always been wild. I am amazed how some factory metallics really pop in the sun.”


Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R front three quarter silver

Joanna Osburne wants a shade of silver if she had her 1973 Plymouth Satellite back in her possession. What’s even better? Knowing that you can make your own shade if you know the details. To wit:

“I’d use a charcoal base to deepen the color, and a few coats of clear lacquer topcoats to make those curves go on for days.”


2023 Bronco Heritage Edition yellowstone metallic front three-quarter

Hagerty Community member Ralph Robichaud has yellow on the brain, but not the crazy loud shades. He’s “partial to a soft sunshine yellow” and maybe he’s on to something, as this is now a color for the Ford Brownco Bronco.


white subaru sti front three-quarter snow driving action
Flickr/Matia Tukiainen

BMD4800 chose a color many of us love to hate, but he wants white because he lives in Arizona. Makes sense, but that’s for a daily driver. For everything else, BMD4800 believes” they’re all good, even 1970s GM Sea Foam Green.” And we have another vote for green!

Just be different already!

Red car in group aerial high angle
Getty Images/Alan Schein Photography

Eldo brings up a good point, because “nowadays all cars are just black, white or gray. Boring!”

It’s such a good point that the comments piled on, as John D Price said, “Couldn’t agree more. God forbid someone have an imagination. And I’m also over Darth Vader black interiors.” Hagerty Community Member Pcchuck wants us all to step back and consider a hard truth of mass production, as “the reality is that more colors mean more cost to the automakers.”

And Pcchuck’s point is not lost on us: cars are already very expensive considering all the stuff they need to excite customers (touch screens, cameras, turbochargers, big stereos, heated seats, big wheels, etc.) and the bits that make them legal to sell (multiple airbags, active handling, etc.). Do we want to pay even more so a factory can offer more diverse colors on a real-time basis?

And even if we do, can we pay for it? Color us a shade of conflicted and confused.

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    Color has often been flexible to me.

    I have colors I like but often get other colors that strike me or due to limitations. I wanted Red on my truck but had to go with a metallic red Quartz as that was the only red the Denali was offered in. Today I love the color.

    (Corvette) RedMist metallic tint coat . Incredible in the sun and appears candy apple red at night.

    Any kind of Maroon! I have had about six maroon cars. If I see a maroon garbage truck I am in love with it! Any shade of maroon is so classy to me. I really don’t know why every car isn’t maroon! I bought a brand new ’60 Corvette and ordered the Honduras Maroon color, including the side coves. Another classy color I had was a year old ’66 Stingray. It had 12 coats of the Cadillac Bronze metal flake, Had alot of compliments on it. Like that is the most beautiful Vette I have ever seen from guys. Another bone to pick for me is, “Why, for about the last 40 years is almost all cars foreign and domestic cars have the boring gray interiors? I hate gray interiors!!!!! I think that is all you can get, in fact you have no choice like in the old days!

    Cadillac Firemist Emberrust is my favorite of all time. It made my E-Type Jaguar just fabulous with an ivory top.
    One of my lady friends called it a root beer float.
    Unfortunately that color is no longer availability and on the last repaint 20 years ago I had it painted in a PPG Concept that was close but had less copper and smaller flakes. It still turns heads.

    I have an Atomic Orange C6. Indy Pace Car Edition 2007 Corvette. I remember thinks when I first saw that color at the 2007 Indy 500 that it was unique, however it didn’t scream at me as something I wanted. I absolutely love it now and get endless compliments from everyone!

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