Yank Tanks: America flies its flag at Goodwood Revival 2022

If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to tour Europe in a red-blooded slab of Detroit iron, plenty of Brits think so too. Classic American cars are highly collectible in both Britain and mainland Europe despite the continent’s narrow roads, limited parking, and $7-a-gallon fuel. Thus, the turnout of Americana was heavy at Britain’s annual Goodwood Revival vintage car meet and nostalgia fest, with Yank tanks of all eras, shapes, and (mostly large) sizes represented in the parking lot, on the track, and in support roles, the latter including a fleet of World War II Willys and Ford jeeps that shuttled spectators around the periphery of the track.

Here are our 10 (15, 12, 18?) picks of the best cars to represent the stars and stripes at Goodwood:

This 1973 Cadillac sedan was a whale among minnows:

1973 Cadillac sedan
Aaron Robinson


No car show is “proper” without at least one screaming chicken. There were several at Goodwood, this early red T/A the best of them all:

Pontiac red T/A screaming chicken
Aaron Robinson


This 383 Coronet must scare small children as it thunders through the rural villages of Britain:

383 Coronet
Aaron Robinson


This Belgium-registered late square-body Caprice no doubt turns heads while on the holiday road to Disneyland Paris:

square-body Caprice
Aaron Robinson


Racing for pinks would be easier in a Camaro SS if your competition was a Mini or Morris Minor:

Camaro SS
Aaron Robinson


Whale among the minnows, Part 2: A ’67 Ford Galaxie 500 XL claims a wide berth.

67 Ford Galaxie 500 XL
Aaron Robinson


A 1960 Buick is the perfect car to go for fins and chips.

1960 Buick
Aaron Robinson


Can’t outrun the law, even in England, as this Plymouth Fury police cruiser proves:

Plymouth Fury police cruiser
Aaron Robinson


A 1958 Chevy with a continental kit, in case you, you know, go to the Continent:

1958 Chevy continental kit
Aaron Robinson


In England, a Ford Falcon drag racer and a ’53 Cadillac are equally unusual:

Ford Falcon drag racer and 53 Cadillac
Aaron Robinson


A Stingray surrounded by Jags. Who’s outnumbered now?

Stingray surrounded by Jaguars
Aaron Robinson


A 1940 Ford V-8 looks happy in the September sun of southern England:

1940 Ford V-8
Aaron Robinson


A Bullet and a Square Bird came together to Goodwood:

Aaron Robinson


The wicker stenciling on this Plymouth classes it right up:

Plymouth wicker
Aaron Robinson


What the Brits call “wing mirrors” looks a bit odd on this wide-track Pontiac:

Pontiac front close
Aaron Robinson


When this huge ’65 Mercury Montclair rolled up, onlookers were snickering at how big and heavy it is. We noted that nobody in England complained about the size and weight of the Shermans:

65 Mercury Montclair
Aaron Robinson


A ’49 Cadillac is all class on the grass.


This old Ford has become the carriage for a hobbit’s hideaway:


A ’57 Bel Air says farewell to the Queen, who died a week before Goodwood:

1957 Bel Air
Aaron Robinson


Captain America’s car in the land of the Britons: a ’64 Ford F100.

1964 Ford F100 Captain America
Aaron Robinson


Lead sleds like this ’49 Merc aren’t a common sight in Olde Blighty:

1949 Mercury
Aaron Robinson


One of several Stingrays racing at Goodwood roared the sounds of freedom at the crowd from their sidepipes:

racing stingrays goodwood
Aaron Robinson


Infield Willys and Ford jeeps reminded everyone of America’s contributions during the war:

Infield Willys and Ford jeeps
Aaron Robinson

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    Two of your captions are incorrect. The “Falcon” drag racer is a ’64 Fairlane. The old “Ford” hosting the hobbit hideaway is a ’49-’54 Chevrolet, probably a ’49-’53.

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