The top 10 most glorious Goodwood Revival moments from this decade

The Goodwood Revival is by far the best vintage racing event on this planet. And while it’s been held as an annual celebration since 1998, in recent years, it managed to grow into something even more entertaining, while retaining its charm as a weekend full of the rarest cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, and of course thousands of neatly-dressed visitors enjoying the historic Goodwood Circuit. It would be impossible to jam the last 10 years of Revival’s best moments into a 16-minute video, but the team at Goodwood gave it a shot by cutting together their favorites.

This year, spectators had a hard time deciding which is the better race car: Jon Minshaw’s 1959 Lister-Jaguar “Knobbly”, Roger Wills’ 1958 Lotus-Climax 15, or the stunning 1960 Ferrari 246S Dino driven by Sam Hancock. Talk about some minimalist windshields.

In 2018, double Superbike World Champion Troy Corser gave all other riders something to think about with his 1929 BMW R57, a then 89-years-old bike with a supercharged engine and a solid rear axle. That hopping action through the bends is not something your doctor would recommend.

goodwood revival thunderbird racecar
Michael Shaffer

It was an exciting weekend back in 2017, too. While fans could enjoy Red Bull’s shiny Lockheed P-38L known as 44-53254, on track, Tom Kristensen was pushing his Ford Thunderbird so hard, he nearly lost his exhaust. The Danish champion never had that problem driving Audi’s Le Mans prototypes to P1. During another race of the weekend, Goodwood veteran Oliver Hart tried to make his 1962 AC Cobra as fast in the straights as touring car ace Gordon Shedden’s 1963 Jaguar E-Type, which led to some hairy passes through the bends.

In 2015, while the Revival had all of the six original Shelby Daytona Coupés on track along their open-top siblings, Mini builder ace Nick Swift had his battle with the much more powerful, rear-drive Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA of Alex Furani. In the end, Smith finished the St. Mary’s Trophy at 6th, while the Alfa came in 4th behind a trio of Fords, one of which featured both a V-8, and Tom Kristensen.

Headlining 2013 was Kenny Bräck’s savage drive in the GT40, which he followed up on in 2014 by driving McLaren’s development F1 GTR Long Tail up the hill at a similar pace.

And while seeing all of the Shelby Daytonas lapping one circuit has been a rare treat, it probably didn’t surprise those who attended the 2012 Goodwood Revival as well, where Lord March assembled 15 of the 36 Ferrari 250 GTOs, as well as a bunch of the Silver Arrow race cars from the collection of Mercedes-Benz. Now, all that action is jammed into the following video, which should only encourage you to start planning a trip to the 2020 Goodwood Revival.

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