Porsche racers, start your tractors! Wait, what?

There’s a new kid in town, and he wears denim overalls. In the wonderful world of motorsports, in which thrill seekers are willing to race just about anything with wheels and an engine, tractors are the new lawn mowers. (Before you scoff at lawn mower racing, it is indeed a thing.)

For the first time, the Porsche Rennsport Reunion vintage motorsports gathering will include Porsche tractor racing. Two races will be held on September 29 and 30 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

If you don’t believe Porsche and tractors should ever be included in the same sentence, Ferdinand Porsche designed tractors prior to World War II, and more than 125,000 of them were produced under license from 1956–63. No, they weren’t fast. So don’t expect to see any hair-raising drifts or high-speed sprints on the straights at Laguna Seca.

In fact, the traditional Le Mans start, in which the drivers dash across the track to their machines, might be the most entertaining element of the day. Not only will celebrity and professional Porsche drivers have to climb aboard their machine, they’ll need to “figure out how to start it,” according to the Rennsport Reunion press release. Each race will end at Turn 5, but even at that abbreviated distance, officials expect the tractors to take 15 minutes to reach the finish line.

Own a Porsche tractor and want to stretch its legs a bit? Race entries are still be accepted. Email inquiries to ardelle@laguna-seca.com. You’ll want to move fast, even if your tractor won’t.

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