The biggest ‘Little Car Show’ in Monterey

The Little Car Show yesterday pulled off its fifth year on Lighthouse Avenue in downtown Pacific Grove. Last year, French cars were featured; this year, it was the Germans’ turn with an assortment of tiny cars from Messerschmitts to Isettas.

The event gives you the same feeling as checking out the puppies on adoption day at the local PetSmart. Entry was limited to cars with engines under 1.6 liters (the average Detroit V-8 has about five), but most of the show cars had engines considerably smaller than 1.6 liters.

The more than 100 cars on display included a gaggle of smiling Austin-Healey Sprites and the Peel Trident, the smallest car ever built. Peels (which were built on the Isle of Man in the UK) were marketed with the motto “It’s almost cheaper than walking.” Perhaps, but clearly not as safe.

Admission is free, it was suggested that entrants donate $20 to support the show and several local charities. Awards consisted of:

  1. Longest Distance Traveled to Show (not necessarily driven)
  2. Most Smiles per Mile Vehicle
  3. Pacific Grove Library’s Choice
  4. Pacific Grove Youth Center’s Choice
  5. Pacific Grove City Council’s Choice
  6. Mayor’s Choice
  7. Veteran’s Choice
  8. Awards from various merchants
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