The glorious cars that descended on Highway Earth 2018 show

Are you a Porsche fan? How about Alfa, Austin-Healey, Citroën, Shelby, or MG? Good news for you then—for its fifth annual show, Highway Earth had contingents from all of those brands and more in attendance, 200 cars in all, for a one-day event on June 24.

Held in Franklin Canyon Park, just north of Beverly Hills, Highway Earth is the brainchild of automotive photographer and enthusiast Evan Klein, frequent contributor to Motor Trend, Automobile, Road & Track, and here at Hagerty. The show packed cars along a paved, half-mile loop around a small lake within Franklin Canyon Park and allowed attendees to make their way from one enclave of cars to the next.

Just outside the nearly-full parking lot—admission and parking are both free for attendees—was a group of Porsches, well-represented by everything from a 356 to the newest 718 Cayman. Next up was a pair of lowriders and then dozens of British roadsters, followed by a small Swedish contingent. Rounding the lake, a Shelby club had claimed the territory of the dam. There was a great variety of cars including a Jaguar XJ220 that was surrounded by several Fords, a 1969 Pontiac GTO, and some Alfa Romeos. Up the hill were a pair of Honda 600 coupes and an assortment of Citroëns.

The park is familiar ground for Klein, who often uses locations within Franklin Canyon for photo shoots. Several of the cars from this year’s show were photographed by Klein prior to the show, so if you’d like the chance to be among those who get to have their car in his viewfinder, visit Highway Earth’s website and sign up early for next year’s show as soon as you’re able.

cars at highway earth 2018 show
Brandan Gillogly

It’s difficult to showcase the variety of cars at Highway Earth in just one photo, but this one comes close. There’s a Jaguar XJ220, a Ford Thunderbird, a pair of Ferraris, two Alfa coupes, and a Tatra.

fixed head coupe at highway earth 2018 show
Brandan Gillogly

The Southern California MG club was out in force. This fixed-head coupe was particularly stunning.

lotus 11 at highway earth 2018 show
Brandan Gillogly

British cars were popular at this year’s show, as the Lotus and Austin-Healey crowd parked just beyond the MGs, bookended by a pair of Lotus 11s.

1954 Plymouth Explorer from the Petersen Automotive Museum
Brandan Gillogly

The 1954 Plymouth Explorer concept by Ghia was on loan from the nearby Petersen Automotive Museum.

Ferrari 57 TR replica
Brandan Gillogly

This Ferrari 57 TR replica features a hand-built aluminum body.

Ferrari 57 TR replica with 3.0-liter V-12 and six Weber carbs
Brandan Gillogly

It’s powered by a 3.0-liter V-12 topped with six Weber carbs.

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