Hagerty at the NGA Summer Meeting


This summer as the National Governors Association converged on our home-town of Traverse City, Michigan for their annual Summer Meeting, Hagerty was presented with a great opportunity to showcase the car hobby to visiting decision-makers from across the country.

Gathering thirty collector cars all built and sold by Michigan-based companies Hagerty aimed to highlight Michigan’s dominance in the auto industry and the continued importance of preserving our automotive history. Hagerty representatives had the opportunity to speak with Governors and their staffers on issues surrounding the hobby and its economic impact.

The following night the governors and guests were treated to a look at the wooden boat hobby by Van Dam Custom Boats and Wooden Boat Works, both located in Northern Michigan.  Though most of the attendees had seen quite a few classic cars before, many had never been up close and personal with wooden boats.

Whether it’s a Collector Car Appreciation Day, a once in a lifetime opportunity like the National Governor’s Association coming to town, or just taking a Sunday cruise, exposing people to the joy of our way of life is the best way to build awareness about the importance of maintaining these pieces of history.  Asking a local dignitary to join you at a car show or car club event is a great way to keep a positive view of your hobby foremost in their minds.

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