A Chicago native returns home for the show — and brings his Mom

Brian E Sibley

Everybody please welcome Brian E Sibley, Jr. to these digital pages. Brian is the founder of ICPT Apparel and a motivational speaker who survived the streets of Chicago so he could bring his message of hope and positivity to young men around the world. He’s been working in the automotive business for a while now, helping the manufacturers operate their press events. I’ve asked him to flip the script, attend some events for us, and share his experiences. He’s slightly taller and much better-looking than I am so I can’t say I like him very much. — Jack Baruth

I had the opportunity to attend the amazing “Media Day” event that took place in the city of Chicago along the stunning waterfront of Lake Michigan. Things could not have gotten off to a better start.

The accommodations made for my flight, stay, and car service were seamless and reserved with perfection. After checking in to my hotel, I reflected on my accomplishments while overlooking my hometown from the window. I felt a great sense of pride at what I achieved when I looked back at myself in the mirror. The last time that I had attended the Auto Show, I was a junior in high school. I skipped classes to fit in a gig as a promotional model. This reflection made me realize how I have always been determined, ambitious, and very adroit at earning a living.

Since I was in my hometown, it was only right that I see my mother, who had no idea I was there in Chicago. My cousin assisted me in the surprise. When I arrived at her home, I stood at the door incognito. When she realized it was me, she ran through the entire house as if she had suddenly seen a ghost materialize from thin air! We embraced for a long time, but we remained quiet as emotions cut through us both. I sat down with her and explained that it was my work that brought me to her and my hometown.

I had the opportunity to bring my mom along for the show’s social events and we both had a blast. My mom and I walked the entire event, creating memories that will spark nostalgia. For a mother to see her son making good of himself in the world is every parent’s dream come true. Parents are vital in this world; their importance cannot be stressed enough. Many parents don’t get enough credit for their love and care. It is in every parent’s heart to do the best that they can for their children, quietly and without the need for acclaim or recognition. However, this event showed my mom how my focus and hard work is manifesting into greatness.

Brian E Sibley

To be working jointly with Hagerty and Nissan was a dream come true. Although Nissan’s display was not to take place until Friday, I still attended and enjoyed the festivities that took place within the gigantic venue of McCormick Place. The venue had many interactive driving simulation models, vehicle test drive locations, and spokesmodels who were available to explain the different models of the vehicles on view. It was both entertaining and intriguing.

One of the most exciting exhibitions of the day was the “Concept and Technology” garage. It was a pleasure to see and an enlightening experience, providing insights on the EV generation that has already arrived and is set to take over from fossil fuel driven vehicles that are already looking dated and soon to be obsolete. EV vehicles have begun to make their mark on society and will only continue to grow and flourish. Because of COVID-19 the show was reduced in both size and attendance. There should have been two enormous rooms filled with vehicles from all over the world, but the pandemic wouldn’t allow that to happen this time around.

Nissan’s social event took place Friday, was filled with spectators along with media and car enthusiasts. There were plenty of vehicles on display to admire. As I worked my way around the show, Brian Brockman bumped into me. We greeted each other and he said that he had noticed my particular interest in the Nissan brand. I explained to him that I was there on behalf of Hagarty and he immediately said, “thank you for being here and we hope that you all continue to follow us”. Brian is a warm and receptive individual. I expressed my gratitude to him, and he suggested that I get some photos taken with the Nissan/Fender Audio staff. Delighted, I obliged and Jim, Brayden and the rest of the staff helped me to get some shots with guitars, one of which likely cost more than my car. In fact, only a short time later, I found out that it did! A certain guitar that I posed with was one of only eight in the world.

I would like to express my appreciation for the car service, Corey, Brian Brockman and the entire staff at Nissan/Fender Audio. The staff was very attentive and assured everyone was taking care of accordingly. I was able to express my appreciation and gratitude to the staff that made this event memorable. I can honestly say that it was the most enjoyable event that I have attended thus far. I am looking forward to the next one!

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