Hot Wheels stop-motion is top-tier time wasting

If you’re a car nut and love to see them come to life in unexpected ways, you’re gonna love this livestream of Hot Wheels stop-motion videos.

[UPDATE]: The Hot Wheels YouTube channel took down the original 24-hour-long livestream video, so we’ve included instead a similar video that gives you the same idea.

We can’t even begin to imagine how much time went into the tedious process of making the tiny toys race and burn rubber (with stop-animated smoke), but the final product was worth it. We joined the live stream late and enjoyed skipping backward through the various shorts. Yes, it’s an hours-long toy commercial, but it also shows that with a little ingenuity, a V-8 soundtrack, and a lot of time, even $1 toys can be enchanting.

If you can’t get enough stop-motion, we’ll also use this opportunity to shamelessly plug our Redline Rebuild series. Time-lapse and stop-motion make an engine rebuild fly by in minutes.

If any of those videos inspire you to do some stop-motion of your own, there are plenty of mobile apps to help make it happen, like Stop Motion Studio. We could think of worse things to do while putting off our winter car projects.

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