“Dumb and Dumber” Mutt Cutts van is dumb, of course, and also way cool

If you love movie cars almost as much as you love dogs, this one will definitely scratch your itch for both. One of 12 mostly TV and movie car replicas in the Lawyer Garage Collection, the Mutt Cutts van is a nod to the fur-covered mobile doggie salon in 1994’s Dumb and Dumber. And it’s getting plenty of attention at Barrett-Jackson’s Arizona Auction this week.

“I love it. It’s absolutely ridiculous, which is why it’s so cool,” a smiling middle-aged man says after posing for a photo with the van. “Who wakes up one morning and decides to cover their van in carpet?”

Well, somebody did. And they weren’t the first.

Based on a 2003 Ford Econoline van, the custom job replicates the “Shaggin’ Wagon” that was driven by goofballs Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels), who take their hard-to-miss vehicle on a cross-country trip to return a briefcase full of money that was actually left as a ransom payment. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue.

The fully loaded Mutt Cutts Econoline has been covered in tan carpet—inside and out—and has been transformed into a giant dog by adding a tail, floppy ears, legs, nose, and tongue. The rear leg on the driver’s side lifts… to reach the gas cap. Power comes from a V-8 engine mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. The Shaggin’ Wagon comes with briefcase, “Petey the Bird,” fur seats, a flatscreen TV, air conditioning, heater, and captain’s chairs. The auction also includes a minibike like the one that ultimately served as Lloyd and Harry’s mode of transportation in snowy Colorado. The bike wears a 1994 Kansas license plate that reads DUMBR.

The Mutt Cutts van is offered without reserve, and in case you’re wondering, there’s simply no telling what it might sell for. We asked.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to stuff like this,” says Hagerty valuation editor Andrew Newton. “It’s worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it.”

The Lawyer Garage Collection also includes four recreation vehicles from the 1980s Dukes of Hazzard TV series: a 1969 Dodge Challenger “General Lee,” Boss Hogg’s 1975 Cadillac Eldorado, Roscoe’s 1975 Dodge Coronet Police Car, and Cooter’s 1971 Chevrolet C30 tow truck. Rounding out the odd group are a 1978 ex-Marine Bell Helicopter Car, which was featured on Season 5 of Jay Leno’s Garage; a custom 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Lightning McQueen Race Car from the animated movie Cars; a 1984 Pontiac Fiero/Ferrari Custom Coupe (imagine Christie Brinkley in National Lampoon’s Vacation); and a ridiculous 1972 Cadillac Custom Wagon, built by art car builder Richard Fletcher and known as the “Pirate Surf Mobile.” There are also three traditional hot rods.

For our money—or more appropriately, yours—the Mutt Cutts van is the pick of the litter. Particularly if you have hind legs and enjoy a game of fetch.

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