Chevy’s restoration-themed holiday ad is a major tearjerker


“Holiday Ride” is Chevy’s latest shot at winning over the hearts of American car buyers. The emotional spot is 4 minutes long and has amassed nearly 4 million views on YouTube over the last week, inspiring untold numbers of unexpected waterworks. The short was made possible by a host of Academy Award-winning talent including director Tom Hooper, director of photography Claudio Miranda, and composer Rachel Portman.

The story features a widower longing to re-live memories of old with his lost love behind the wheel of their ’66 Chevrolet Impala. The convertible has seen better days, and that’s when things begin to get interesting.

His attentive and caring daughter hashes out a plan to give dad the Christmas gift of a lifetime this year by calling on members of the community to help her bring mom’s old ride alive once again. In Hollywood fashion, the whole thing seems to take place overnight. (Oh, if only that were how it really worked.) The result is nothing short of magical and pulls at heartstrings with expert tenderness, even more so if you have a soft spot for the classics.

The video’s top comment encapsulates it best, “Someone give the crew that made this commercial a freaking medal. THIS is a real commercial. No agenda, no bull crap, just genuine heartfelt awesomeness.”

We couldn’t agree more. Bravo, Bowtie crew.

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