Build “La Dolce Vita” brick-by-brick with this Lego Fiat 500

Whether it’s the wild creations of exotic hotrodders, artists’ takes on iconic shapes, or something on a much smaller scale geared towards a younger audience, there seems to be an automotive avenue for everyone, if you look hard enough.

One such purveyor of this creative ideal is Lego, everyone’s favorite build-it brick company. Lego offers an incredible series of scale model cars, including a Ferrari F40, a classic Mini, a Volkswagen Van, a Ford Mustang, and more, including the newly released adorable yellow Fiat 500 pictured below.

The little plastic Italian is part of Lego’s Creator Expert series, and comes replete with everything one would need for a delightful jaunt in the Tuscan countryside. Pack your tiny toy pants into your brown tiny toy suitcase and pop it onto the exterior of your tiny toy Italian runabout, setting course for the shoreline of Lego Lake Cuomo. Once you get there, slide the canvas sunroof back and let Lego Mother Nature come spilling into your surprisingly detailed cockpit.

Should a sudden bout of artistic inspiration hit you as you arrive at the picturesque lakeshore, (It’s one of the most picturesque spots in all of Legoland, you know), pop your Lego Easel and paintbrush out, get your palette and a few colors blended, and capture the Lego moment on your Lego Canvas—or the Colosseum, as the included masterpiece depicts.

To accompany the release, Lego released a handful of vintage poster ads depicting the brick version of the Fiat 500 in place of a real one, and we have to say, they’re fantastic. We’re suckers for good car advertisements of all shapes and sizes, but the aesthetics of a vintage poster will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The end product is just 9.5 inches long, 4.5 inches high, and four inches wide, so it’s perfect to take up that one remaining corner of your workspace or display shelf. One stroll around Hagerty’s office would provide ample inspiration for where to put your Lego car—many of us have one on our desks here. This box of La Dolce Vita could be yours for just $89.99. From where we’re sitting, that’s more than worth it.

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