Guess the final price of an online auction, and we’ll give you $500

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What’s more fun than correctly guessing the price of an online auction? How about correctly guessing the price of an online auction and getting paid $500 as a result? Starting this week, Hagerty Insider is going to give you a chance to do just that.

Twice a month we will be picking an auction and holding a contest we call “The Bid Is Right”. All you have to do is have the closest guess to the final sale number, without going over. If two (or more) commenters have the same correct guess, the winner will be the person who posted their guess first. Simple as that.

If this proves popular — and why wouldn’t it, we’re giving away free money for something you’re already doing — we will step it up to four auctions a month… or more.

Since we live in an era where everything from bicycle helmets to Claymore mines come with directions, there are some rules and regulations involved with this contest. You’ll be able to read them on the Insider site. And you’ll also have to register for a new commenter account on Insider, which is super-easy.

What are you waiting for? Get on over to Insider and make your guess in our first contest!

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