Treat yours ears to the V-8 wail of the new Lancia Stratos

We said it before and we’ll say it again—the new Lancia Stratos has a massive reputation to live up to. And make sure you throw on those headphones, because now we’ve had a chance to hear its Ferrari-sourced V-8 at full tilt on a dyno.

The video comes from Youtube user NM2255 and shows a blue Stratos strapped down on the rollers for testing. With blowers for fresh air and some type of sniffer in each of the dual tailpipes, it certainly appears that there is some some real testing going on here.

Although short, the nice clip gives us a not only a bottom-to-top pull but also a few shifts through the gearbox. Much of the running gear and chassis hail from the Ferrari F430 Scuderia—not a bad foundation—but the engine has a sound all its own in the Lancia.

While it might be some time before we see one on the road, watching those wheels turning on the dyno is just one step closer to hearing and seeing a Stratos coming around the bend flat out. That’ll be a memorable day, indeed.

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