This super-sized VW Bug is king of the road

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Barcroft Cars, a YouTube channel focused on wild custom vehicle creations, recently featured a totally unique VW Beetle that’s both instantly recognizable as a Bug but also a total departure from the vehicle many know and love. This humongous take on the People’s Car was built by the father and son team of Richard and Scott Tupper at Wicked Concepts, their shop in Gardena, California.

Despite absolutely mimicking every curve and detail that just about anyone would recognize as belonging to a Volkswagen Type 1, the Tuppers’ creation is 40 percent larger than any production Bug. Really, it dwarfs just about everything else on the road. As Scott Tupper notes, “It’s bigger than a Hummer.”

The gargantuan Bug is built on a Dodge Ram chassis and uses that truck’s 5.7-liter Hemi powerplant, along with plenty of creature comforts that are often lacking on a vintage VW. Air-conditioning, heated and cooled seats, power windows and door locks—all are cleverly concealed to maintain the classic VW vibe. The Hemi’s vital signs are still transmitted via the Ram’s factory dashboard, but that too is hidden. It tucks up under the dash when the car’s turned off.

OK, so it looks like a Bug, but it’s more powerful, roomier, more comfortable, and as fuel-efficient as the full-size truck on which it’s based. Somehow, it’s still just as charming as the original.

The Tuppers previously built a scaled-up Willys flat-fender Jeep, so we’re wondering what they have planned next. Any requests?

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