The Perfect 40th Birthday Gift

Cross-Country Car BuyingWell my first car as a new teenage driver was a 1968 Camaro that I bought used and fairly “rough” with my own hard-earned cash from working as a golf caddy during summers. After a couple of years, I sold it and bought a 1967 Camaro that I absolutely loved.

Then it was off to college and real live bills and books to pay. So I was forced to sell my “ultimate” car.

I never owned another Camaro since… That is, until I was just about to turn 40 recently and decided it was “time in life” to treat myself to my favorite car that I had ever owned: a 1967 Camaro. My search spanned three states until I finally found one to call my own again. This time around, however, I was buying one totally restored and not “rough” at all.

I ended up purchasing a pretty rare 1967 Camaro Rally Sport convertible, as you can see in the photos.

The car has many rare factory options like power windows, power top, fold-down rear seat, all tinted glass and more.

Cool facts: Of the 220,906 first-year 1967 Camaros built, just 25,141 were convertibles. And only 10,675 of the convertibles were Rally Sports.
– Joe Lanza

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