The DeLorean: Tin Can or Rare Collector?

Believers at 54 percent replied “as he intended,” that the DeLorean is exactly what the maker wanted it to be, yet 46 percent think that the stainless-steel gullwing is still a prop for the movie. It seems the car has held on to enthusiasts, with the quarterly Deloreans Magazine, although it’s now seen more as an oddity than anything.

But, what was John DeLorean’s intent in building his gullwing cars? Some of the answers may be found in his autobiography written just after he left General Motors in 1973, while he was still formulating DeLorean Motors, On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors. He wrote that the automotive industry – by which he meant General Motors – was top heavy with bureaucracy, arrogant, out of touch with the customers and unethical.

Clearly, though, DeLorean’s stated intention during the formation of his own automobile company was to attempt to build an ethical vehicle that would last far longer than the cars being produced at the time. It seems he had second thoughts about mass producing powerful GTOs and Firebirds for the masses.

It’s not well known, but DeLorean also planned to produce sedans and even buses – but as we know, his dream fell apart. As Sports Car Market magazine writer Carl Bomstead wonders, will we see a [car value] death bump with the passing of John D.?

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