Keith and his ‘81 Ferrari 308 GTSi

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Dear Hagerty:

On October 29th, 2006 my girlfriend and I were on our way in to Austin from Wimberley on a back road around dusk. The weather was perfect, so we stopped and took pictures of the car, not knowing that in less than 5 minutes, we would meet up with my ABSOLUTE WORST nightmare!!!! No, not my ex-wife – but a deer that slammed into the side of the car while we were traveling at highway speeds.

Fortunately, we were uninjured, but the car sustained damage that to me was a tragedy.

Loaded with deer hair, we stopped about a mile up from the accident at a gas station to report the damage. The sight of the damage literally brought tears to my eyes… as the next day we were to go on an outing with the club members to welcome the 599 GTBs on their 20,000 mile journey.

The car is insured with Hagerty Insurance… and having dealt with insurance companies in the past, I was panicked about what was ahead. But much to my amazement, Hagerty pulled through in ways that words just don’t describe. Not only did they have an adjuster out 2 days later, but they sent a check for the FULL amount of the damage ($12,286.97) in less than 10 days. A little skeptical, I asked my claims representative; Jennifer, if my rates would increase or if I was in danger of being dropped. The answer – a resounding NO!!! In no way would this unfortunate event cause me to be dropped or penalized.

And on December 22, 2006 I got my dream car back. Looking better than what it did before the accident!!!

Hagerty Insurance went completely above and beyond the norm to help me get my Ferrari back into shape!

So thank you Hagerty!!!!

Keith from Austin, TX

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